Have feelings for your best girlfriend?

Im having a big problem. Im starting to get those feelings for my best friend that i have known for plenty of years. I know that she is bisexual but it would feel so wrong if i told her anything about it. What should i do? kinda makes me go crazy when we meet :(

I kinda know what you mean. I once did a thing with my best friend at a sleepover. It was spontaneous and I think it was a mistake in hindsight. Neither of us was really bi, it just happened and that was it. But once in a while I find myself looking at her and thinking about stuff. I don't want to make the same mistakes again, but she's still my best friend and I have a certain attraction to her. Does your friend know that you're bisexual too?

If she's bi then there's no reason you should have any problem telling her you're bi too. Maybe you can talk about it when it's all out there.


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