Friends with benefits + distance.

So my fwb currently lives about an hour away, we met on tinder. I am currently in a situation of seeing him every 1-2 weeks, we go out for dinner occasionally, and I ALWAYS ?get the "goodnight beautiful" texts. I am getting such mixed signals to which he doesn't want to meet my parents of fear of falling in love with me and regret of being that guy of always get asked about in which why aren't you seeing him anymore. I move at the beginning of September of college adding 3 more hours to the distance between us. Any advice on what is going on?

September isn't far away. If you cant work out the situation now, then you'll be sure to get some big clues to what he thinks about you when he'd need to travel a lot bigger distance and to spend more money in order to come to see you. If you can't work out what he's thinking now, you'll be able to judge him by his actions then.


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