Older sister

I'm an only child. I wish I had an older sister.?

Sadly we can't send you one in the post, but I can understand why you might think there are advantages to having an older Sister. I know Sisters who don't seem to get on at all, and others where the older Sister is both a good friend and a protector of her younger Sister. If your parents aren't willing to adopt one for you then there's probably little to be gained by dwelling on what you're never going to have.

Oh i dont think i dwell on it. Just a wish among many that I have. My parents are very good at filling the friend/guardian role.?

I have an older sister who is absolutely amazing. ?She was the first person I came out too, after she caught me trying on her clothes. ?But she also set me up with my first boyfriend and we go shopping all the time together!! xoxo

Having an older sister can go two ways. She can either be the best friend ever or a complete pain in the backside. Mine is a little of both. She's really nice in that she takes care of things and helps me in ways I can't handle myself. She's like I would want a good husband to be. In other ways, she's a bit of a control freak and I feel a bit like a jerk around her because I'm not as stable, intelligent or respectable.
It's nice to have her and I'm glad for the fact, but don't lament not having an older sister because it may not work out. If you have a close friend that may serve you just as well. And if she's a pain you can always move on. With sisters you can't.

I've got an older sister and she's awesome. She really helped me to understand a lot of stuff when I was younger and afraid to talk to anyone else.


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