Study is literally impossible!!

Okay, so I probably left this a little bit late.. I'm in sixth year, which is my last year of school in Ireland, and I have my Leaving Certificate starting NEXT Wednesday. As you can probably guess, I can't study.. I'm not able to focus and lack motivation for studying. However I do really well in school and I know that even if I don't study I'll still pass everything, but that's not what I want. I want to do the best I can and get as many points as I can. Any tips for helping me focus or push myself to study. Also, I am a qualified procrastinator! :/

You must find your comfort zone, like the place where you feel relaxed and nobody bothers you. You can try listen to some music or completely quiet, you'll find out what's best for you. Try to avoid distractions like tv, people, video games or whatever that makes you lose concentration... I guess these are the basics but maybe someone else can add something different.

Thank you BorderGirl. Hopefully all goes well I finally started studying today and actually got a bit done..?


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