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Okay so over the long summer holidays i went on a school volunteering trip to Borneo with like 16 of my classmates and 2 teachers (i'm in year 12 so like we have a good relationship with our teachers on a more 'friend' like basis)
As Borneo is a very conservative country, we got told that we couldn't just wear bathers but we had to wear clothes over the top. On one occasion we went to a beach that was full of european tourists with absolutely NO locals, so we got told that we could wear our bathers with only a T-shirt/rashi over the top and no pants. So we all got ready to swim in our bathers and T-shirt. I would like to stress that, although the appropriate dress code in Borneo is to be covered up, we were told by the workers in the kiosk (2 American girls) that we were allowed to swim in just bathers, to which my teachers said we must swim in T-shirts too. I was happy to do so because it beat having to swim with a t-shirt and pants on

I have never been a small girl but I'm not huge either. So here i was, in my bathers and oversized t-shirt (which went down to mid thigh) and was ready for a good old swim when the female teacher who was with us pulled me aside from the group and said to me (i quote) "you need to put on some pants" and I asked why and she said "you're showing too much" and I calmly pointed out that some of the other girls in the group were wearing skin tight rashi's with bikini bottoms that showed a lot. Bearing in mind that i was also wearing a full piece suit, to which she replied "You're just showing too much of what doesn't need to be shown". This teacher had only pulled me about 1 metre away from the rest of the group and said it loud enough so that not only did the rest of my group hear it, but so to did some surrounding people and the male teacher. She also went out of her way to single me out, she did not say anything to the smaller girls in the group who were showing the predominant of their bodies.

As a teenage girl, this upset me so much that I ran off crying and refused to swim that day. The teacher did come to me after an hour of me being in the toilets to talk. She did not try to apologise for her actions but rather justified them by saying "if everybody had been wearing pants this wouldn't have happened" Since this, I have never felt so uncomfortable in my own skin as she effectively confirmed my deepest insecurities in front of my closest friends and some strangers. So my question is: should I report this teacher for her unprofessional handling of this situation or is it not worth it?

That was quite wrong of the teacher to do so, especially if there were other girls who wore swimsuits that were much more revealing. And it wasn't very fair of her to say something like that to you when other people were close by. You should try to find out what you can do about it; talking to someone else about it - another adult you trust- would be a good start. Don't let people who say things like your teacher did get to you, I'm sure there's nothing to be insecure about :) Hope it all works out!
P.S: Hope the rest of the trip went well! A school trip abroad sounds exciting :O


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