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Hi all!
I (obviously) have my school ball/prom coming up in April. My friends and I have been overthinking this day since the beginning of this year. We've also been thinking of who our dates would be and who would ask us.
This is where the issue comes- let's call this boy Right. I do really like Right and I was hoping he would ask me, just under a month-ish ago people started to ask and get dates... I never was asked.?
Untill yesterday, another guy (let's call him Jim) we're walking back from our drama class at school and he asked me of course being me I said yes because Jim is new and I don't think Right actually has the balls to ask, plus Jim seems really nice.
I texted my friend that I had a ball date as she's away on a class trip for the day (so is Right).
When I got home (late-ish after a sports practice) my phone was spammed with messages, my friend whom I'd texted was
sitting near to Right and apparently he over heard and we was (aplenty) quite and kinda upset after that.
and then... I get a text from another friend...."But Cress, was that Right, You do know he was going to ask you. I was talking
to?(Rights friend) after school and he told me he was gonna/wanting to ask you tomorrow" (actual text from my friend)?
I couldn't sleep last night and I almost cried (tbh over the top I know) it's just I've wanted to go with Right for like forever.?
I just feel really bad, not only that but I feel like I'd have more fun with Right because I know him better.
Ive done a FaceBook stalk on Jim and saw things I don't perticually like, like his game after hunting and also he's quite a bit of a
swearer. ?I just don't feel like we'd get along as well (Jim and I) and I do maybe kinda have a crush on Right & I've dreamt about
going with him cause but also we can relate cause we're into the same kinda thing sports and hobby wise?
Can I just have some options please, have I done the right thing by choosing to stick with Jim? I just need some comforted in the idea I made the Right (no pun intended) choice :)
(ps I have no idea why the question marks keep appearing throughout)



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