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I have no friends in school, like I have maybe one friend. My bestfriend dropped out of school a few months ago, so now I don't really have anybody. I have a lot of online friends from different countries but I can't seem to make friends in school. I go to a small school, and I've been going to this school district for about 6 years, so that means I know almost everyone here, but the people here aren't all that great most of them do drugs or don't take their school work that serious, idk I used to have a lot of friends in middle school but now it seems that everyone left me? This school makes me really really miserable and depressed, I constantly lie to my mom that I'm sick so I get to stay home or ask her to come get me. And one of the things that gets to me a lot is that I sit all alone at lunch, someday I'm the only on sitting at the table or somedays a group of guys would sit with there, my only friend has a different lunch period than me so it's not like I can sit with her. I really really hate this school, I don't know how to tell my mom that I want to live with my uncle so I could go to the same school as my cousin and just start fresh, how should I tell my mom? (There's a lot more to this that I didn't write in, I didn't wanna make it too long)


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