Distraction, Procrastination, and School, OH MY!

After two whole weekends of heavy procrastination, I have come to a point where it is difficult to keep focus and I really cannot bring myself to do homework. Like you might think I'm exhaggerating but every fiber of my being is stuck. And once I get back to doing homework, I am literally looking at the pages and nothing seems to click. Its almost as though I have no patience and as much as I try, it is really hard to understand what I am reading. Maybe it is because this past weekend has been kind of rough for me and my anxiety comes in the way of that. I don't know. Does anybody else have that problem? What do you do to help it?

This happens to me sometimes when I have alot going on. What helps is to take care of all the little stress's that are happening in your life or items that need to be cleared, then you can focus.

Sometimes for me if my room is messy it really is distracting to my mind and once i've cleaned it up it feels like a more productive space to use. A cluttered life is a cluttered mind i think, Hope this helps :)

MiKayla8's experience should be helpful to you. You can bring yourslef to do homework, and telling yourself or anyone else otherwise is not helpful. Life is full of responsibilities that can be unpleasant, but there's a satisfaction that comes from knowing that you've done what you needed to do. My advice is to stop thinking of the difficulty on this side of the homework, and do what needs to be done. Enjoy the relief on the other side of the homework after it's done and you can choose an activity you like better.

That said, our eyesight deteriorates slowly, and most people realize they need glasses only because they can no longer function as they once did in school or at work. If it's truly a lack of ability to read, you ought to get your eyes checked. It's relatively quick and inexpensive to have your vision tested.You may need glasses or contacts. The pages may really be blurry and unintelligible.

Do have a school library or something where you can study? Espically with the help of a school educational asstiant? My school had this and it really helped. If not why don't you talk to your the adult(s) who look after you about getting a tutor and studying at a near by library or something I know lots of people whom do that.

Oh yeah!! Happens to me all the time. I'm doing quite well at school and in princple I always want to do my homework well and all that, but sometimes it's just sooo impossible with all kinds of other things going around in my head. Sometimes I spend hours doing something totally else even though I should focus on school, and then and panic when I realize how late it is getting and I end up staying awake way too late to get things done :(

This is soooo familiar! I put off most of my homework till Saturday night because I just couldn't face it and my brain was not working. Sometimes I come on here to unwind before homework but this time I decided to save this as my reward for getting the homework out of the way. Promise yourself a little gift for getting the work done and maybe it'll motivate you.?


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