How Can I Pass Pre Calculus If I Can't Afford A Tutor?

Last year I took Algebra 2 and my teacher didn't explain things and just gave everyone A's, so I don't have a very good foundation. Well now I go to one of the speacial Academy's that my school district offers and I'm taking pre calc. I don't feel comfortable asking questions because there is only eight people in the class ( I'm the only black female, so I'm sterotyped as the child that obviously needs help because they don;t understand) and the teacher isn't very approachable. This is the only class I don't have an A in and I can't afford to get a tutor to slow thingd down with me. How am I supposed to pass this class with a grade that won't drastically change my GPA?

Do you have any friends in that class? Asking others for help would be a good idea?
And there are a lot of free resources available online that can help. Some which are mentioned right here on
They've mentioned Benchprep, Openstudy and probably more too if you look
Hope that works for you, all the best!

It's okay to ask questions in class. If you're not comfortable with asking questions in class, go in during lunch time or the beginning or end of school, ask your teacher to help you with a few questions you don't get. Or if you have other friends who have passed pre-calc, ask them to help you.

As others have said it's perfectly fine to ask questions in class; in fact it's encouraged and very important for your learning. The fact that you only have eight people is a very good thing as you will get much more one-on-one time with the teacher.Many people such as myself had to take this class with well over 30 students which mean't it was much harder to get help from the teacher. The internet is also an invaluable too; Khan Academy is a nice site for stuff like this. If you cannot find help from anyone or any of these sites, simply googling your question usually works quite well as well. And if all else fails feel free to message me with any questions that you might and I can answer them.
Good luck :)

There are plenty of free study resources online.? Try Khan Academy.

If there is a community college in your area, they most likely have free tutoring resources that you can use.


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