I Have a crush on this boy. He is quite popular and i am definitely not. I am actually a bit in awe of him as he seems so cool. I know a lot of people like him and have crushes on him like me. I would definitely not go out with him because i believe i am too young but i feel a bit different cause of this crush. is this normal to feel this way? Thank you

It is totally fine to feel that way. Is age the only reason you wouldnt date him or is it something else like you dont feel "cool" enough to date him?

Yeah, i feel i am too young i am only 12 and yes i probably feel he is to cool. It is just a crush i will get over it. Thank you for you help :)

I agree you are too young but I am not saying it is wrong to like someone or have crush :3 You welcome xx

Yes, you are a bit young. Everyone has crushes and you will definitely get over it over time.

I have a crush on my teacher :)) he is 28 but I can do nothing , its just a fantasy in my head


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