Everything to know about going to school in Germany?

I'm 18. I recently heard that a bill was passed that will allow American students to study in Germany for free, so I've been considering it. I was just wondering if anyone could just list some things I should know about school in Germany, like how to apply, what school is like, what the people are like, which schools are the best, etc

If you still need this information.?
There are like two basic schools in Germany, the "Grundschule" (something like the elementary school) and the secondary school (like Middle School and High School combinated I would say).?
Kids, who are like 6 till 10 years attend the Grundschule (1st till 4th grade). Studends who 'graduate' from Grundschule move on to one of the many secondary schools.?
The most common secondary school types (all start from 5th grade) are the "Hauptschule" (till 9th grade), the "Realschule" (till 10th grade) and the "Gymnasium" (till 13th grade).?
Normally students who are bad at school apply to the Hauptschule, the children who are practically oriented go to the Realschule and the people who are like smart and also want to study in the future visit the Gymnasium.?
This is the easiest explanation I could give you. Just some more information:
So the Gymnasium is like the best school to visit, because it's one of the only secondary schools where you can graduate by doing your Abitur (A-levels), which are required if you want to study.
The students are usually nice to everybody and also they are really really lazy, but that can vary from school to school. Like until 10th grade you only have school till 1pm and merely homework and all students are still complaining. The teacher are very good at their job, even through some of them suck, but if you want to learn they will help you and give you good marks.
School in general is not that bad, like it isn't that hard to get good marks, but the pressure to get higher marks is still there.
Ah also the grading system is probably differnt from yours like we don't get A,B,C,.. and so on we get the numbers 1 till 6, where 1 is the best and 6 is the worst. I think usually students would consider a 2 or 3 as a normal grade.?
Yeah I think that should cover some questions. But if you still want to know something then feel free to ask, because I'm living in Germany and am attending a "Gymnasium" in 10th grade and resulting from that I probalby know one or two things about the schools here.:)

Perhaps you need to know the German language well. Is this a student exchange program?


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