Creepy Pervert boys looking up school skirts

There are haeps of creepy pervert boys at my school that look up school skirts a lot of the time without even us knowing. They like look up on stairs or wait for you to sit down.
Should I wear black bike shorts under my skirt so they can't see anything? Like maybe nike pros or something?
Anyone else wear bike shorts/shorts under their skirt or dress and for this reason?

I think wearing something else underneath is a good idea, as long as they are comfortable.

I go to a private school where girls can ONLY wear skirts. It used to be that our skirts had to cover our knees when sitting standing and walking up the stairs (there are 6 floors and 13 different stair cases). But we'd always take advantage of the rule because last year they hired a woman to come and inspect them but she'd leave at around 11 am so right after she'd leave we'd hike up our skirts. The thing was 99% of the time girls wore American Apparel pocket skirts. When wearingb one and sitting down at a desk, it's very easy for someone to see up your skirt. In the winter we'd wear tights underneath but that would end around April. So for this year they made a rule that stated girls skirts must be mid-calf or longer (an awkward length or a maxi skirt). Assuming you have more options than I do bottoms wise, take advantage of what you have. And if you must only wear skirts wear tights. You can make that look cute by wear tights with socks (generally over the ankle) and cute sneakers. Whenever I'd wear that I always felt mush cuter.
hope this helps!

I have caught boys looking up my skirt at school too.this may sound weird but I get a feeling over power over them,knowing that they are probably getting hard by what they see and its fun watching them trying to hide their hard on when they stand up.

Yeah I'd wear something underneath, but honestly if it continues you should really consider reporting them, you shouldnt have to put up with pervs like them at a place your supposed to feel safe in. x

i have never had thaty problem and never thought about wearing something under my skirt. i feel like whats the point of wearing a skirt then. for me skirts are comftrable and pants are not always. i had a creepy guy foolow me home from college everyday and one day i noticed, i was scared to get in the same elevator as him, he works at my college as a maintness guy and i took differen routes insted of going home i would go to the park or to the store so he wouldt follow me, and when i saw him comine into the elevevator and i started taking the stairs, then i went back down after one floor and waited for an elevator.

I also go to a private school. I always wear spandex shorts under my skirt because like you there are HEAPS creepy boys. I don't recommend wearing loose shorts because they may scrunch up during the day and give you a wedgie. That's pretty uncomfortable I have experienced that wearing running shorts while my spandex were in the wash. In summer my schools skirts are just below the knee but in winter they have to be mid calf so I don't really have your problem but our tops for both seasons are like 25% see through so the boys stare at our breasts right in front of us which is quite an unpleasant feeling.

If you are allowed, wear trousers, and if you're not, wear shorts underneath :)

we now have to wear skirts because of a new dress code I haven't really seen and creeper guys peeking under skirts but I'm one of or if not the most unpopular girl at school so everyone avoids me anyway so I know that no creepy guys will try to peek at me but bike shorts would seem like a good way to go

Maybe they like you, or just trying to see your darie aire. Either way,  just ignore them. They are just immature. Boys are like that sometimes,  and sadly, even the hunky ones. If it becomes harassment/bullying, tell an adult,  preferably the principal, cause they rule the school and could really expel the boys. Bye!

This is one of the reasons why I like being home schooled lol

At my school part of the uniform is black tights, so if boys do look up girls skirts it is too dark up there for them to see anything, but to make sure i also always wear black knickers at school.

I go to a school that wears uniform, and sadly the girls are usually stuck wearing skirts. We have the option to either wear stockings or pants (if you can buy them). I wear stockings, but I highly recommend wearing bike shorts underneath your skirt. All (well most) of the girls in my school do that, so they don't get creeped on by the guys. Goodluck

Yea, you can wear stocking, or shorts under. But at the end of the day, they arn't actually seeing anything different then a baithing suite. So it shouldn't hurt to much if they see.

why do they look up our skirts if they cant see anything?

I tend to wear dark tights and dark knickers so the boys dont get to look up

U should realy report the guys how are doing that

This is why my private school has nike shorts pinned to udner our skirts naturally... skorts I think they call them. But ours is typically a skirt with shorts pinned underneath. I thank my principal so mcuh becuase our school is no better with perverts.?

If I was wearing a skirt short enough to show anything I'd wear something (fashionably suitable) underneath. I usually wear longer skirts or a scooter, which has a built-in undergarment, so there isn't much of a problem there.

I don't really care if they look. If thery're bold enough to break their necks to get a look they can enjoy what they see, if anything.

I like to tease them with my skirt.

we also wear skirts which sometimes fail to cover the upper thighs and perverts are also there in our school. when i was in Japan for a trip..i visited some schools.i found most of the girls there are not caring about boys staring at in between their skirt when climbing upstairs or bending to pick up books in the school library. it gives a change for the boys to stare at the things which are partially covered by the panties. .I think it is better if the school compel the girls to wear skirt with built in inner garments .


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