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well i guess am the normal one in my school and there are those people that are popular. Im 13 and i dont know if this will get better as the years go on in my school with the popular and normal?? And i dont get why some ugly people r popular and some people that arent popular and just normal are quite people, i mean i dont get it!! who agrees with me? well, feel free to post ur opinion or answer some of my questions.. xx

Just because someone is popular means that he/she is better than you. Sometimes when you are popular, it could be for all the reasons (ie: like for me - I was the comedian and even an unintended jerk/bully at times, but people liked that about me, see?) and then not for the right ones (who I was personally, what I stood for, wanted to achieve, my interests, etc.). Like they say, the grass isn't always greener on the other side. In middle school a lot of the overly developed girls were kind of fast and the boys were into them just because they had big boobs, long hair, or a nice butt. It's a shame that popularity is sometimes based on such shallow standards, but it IS the most hurtful truth. In conclusion, be happy with your quiet, and normal state in school - it coud actually be a good thing. I should also mention that most of the kids that were popular in middle and high school are not doing much spectacular - it is the studious ones and the nerds that REALLY did anything with their lives, so far. Those that were popular continue to club hop, fornicate, and even have some kids, weakening their chances even further to accomplish much in their lives. I have had my loop dee loops in life that have left me where I am today, but my point is that, just because it seems all peachy keen on one side, doesn't mean things are really like that. Hope I helped.
Peace. :)

Well I think I was on of the normal people in High school, but when I was in middle school I was in the 2nd group of the popular group, I may have agreed with you on that when I was in middle school , but when I got to high school I changed my train of thought, it depends on the people personality, plus all people are equal it dosnt matter what group you hang with or how you look like, its all about how you are as a person and how you treat others

well i was quite popular at middle school bc i was hanging out with this it girl . but in high school i changed my mind i think going to a good university is more important than taking selfies with cool kids or beeing invited to some parties -- because time pasts so quick and definetly you will regret if you waste your years like this

Being popular isn't all that. You see in different movies and TV shows (especially disney channel) they make it seem like popular is what everybody wants to be and that all popular people are beautiful and they get what they want all the time etc, but in reality that's not how it works. Generally only the popular people really want to be popular and everyone else is happy keeping a low profile and being able to study and get good grades without having to keep it a secret from their friends. Not to mention that (not all of them of course) but most of the popular people are really bitchy, I'd be really really paranoid if I were friends with them they literally talk abut everyone behind their backs. If you can just work on getting a group of friends that are similar to you then you'll be able to live quite happily without having to worry about trying to be perfect. :)

Being popular isn't worth the trouble, honestly. I never was, and some of my friends who were more in-the-loop were constantly worried about how they looked and what people thought of them. I know that in middle school it seems like the most important thing in the whole wide world, but as time goes by you will realize that sometimes it's nice to be able to be invisible if you want to. You can still be a role model to underclassmen, you can still look nice when you want to, you can still have tons of fun with your friends, but at the same time you can wear sweats to school sometimes, you can throw your hair up in a sloppy bun and be anti-social and take time to succeed inside and out of school. Being popular might seem like a wonderful thing, but don't worry about it so much, just live your life the way you want to and let what will happen happen. To answer your first question, high school is great because you can search out your own group of friends who agree with you and love to do similer things, and you can just ignore the social callings :p.  I wasn't ever at the top of the social ladder, but I was never stepped on because I just distanced myself from that battle. Have fun and good luck!!!

Popular kids are usually mean backstabbers, unless one of them is actually nice. You shouldn't waste your time on them, because there are better people out there you can be friends with. But if you want people to like you, you can be nice and friendly and a good friend. Have a nice day! :)

I'm at a girls school and the popular girls are all pretty and have a lot of stuff, some of them are nice and some aren't but somehow they're still popular?  I'm kind of nerdy and am definately not in the 'it' crowd but I have nice friends so I'm happy.

Being popular means nothing when high school ends :)

being popular isnt good people just dont realize it in high school i was never popular the popular kids are really mean and thet dont pay attention to what really matters in life. popularity isnt worth it. Sometimes i wonder what other people thought of me in highschool but i was to affraid to ask because i thought they would say that i am a pathetic nerd. I think they do think that but i wish they wouldnt and i dont want to aks because i dont want this idea to be feinforced if it is true. 

This is gonna sound off by chance.
"Popular" people are something that was created by media, mostly movies. in the movies people worship the popular people, even though they are total dicks.
At your age, everyone is going to be crappy towards each other, thats just how middle school goes.

But the second you enter high school, as strange as it sounds, people are actually going to want to hang out with someone who treats them nicely, and isnt a total douche

I know... this is a lot to take in but seriously, in the end those "popular" folks are gonna be considered horrible mean people by everyone in school and no one will like them.

Being popular is a trend only in high school. When these "popular" kids grow older and get a job, they'll see that popularity hasn't been a big deal.

You probably don't want to be popular. A lot of "popular" kids feel very insecure and don't have many friends they can trust and go to when things get tough. I personally think that it would be much nicer to have a handful of close friends than be popular.

Honestly, I think of popularity as a pyramid. The top being like the most popular people of school (for hs this usually is the jocks/ cheerleaders) then the second most popular and so on so on. I consider myself in the 4th row cuz everybody knows me they just dont know know me, if that makes since. But tbh, you shouldn't care about popularity or not. Its only a few years of your life. Like what my mom says, "they are only popular among themselves" . 

Look at the popular kids, do you think that all of them would be popular if it wasn't for association or just knowing the right people? They are only popular because they make it that way. 

But that doesn't mean you should either, popularity isn't what it always seems to be. 


It's not at all that bad at the school that I go to, but for sure we also have the "popular ones" and then us "normal" or more quiet ones. What I would like to have from the "popular ones" is the attention they seem to get from boys and how easy it seems to be for them to talk to the boys. But otherwise I frankly couldn't really care, actually I'm much more happily just "normal". I mean, I do have a lot of good friends (yes, all of them are "just" normal but who cares) and I'm doing well in the class (isn't that why you are there anyway?) so I can't really complain. And maybe it's just me, but I much more often look at and think of those "just normal" boys and I think most of them are rellly cute. I feel I'm much more attracted to those boys who are smart and are nice to others and make little less noise about themselves, and often those a bit "nerdy ones" (I don't mean those some *real* weird guys but those who are smart and kind of good at school and all that) are also really cute :) I mean, the popular boys are of course cool and good looking and all that and I sometimes *do* dream about them as well, but much more often I find myself thinking about all those cute and more quiet ones :)

Don't mistake popularity with showing off and drawing attention to one's self. Some people just like the spotlight and make a spectacle of themselves. This doesn't mean they're better or more desirable to others, but more desperate for attention. Other people are more than willing to give them this attention in the mistaken perception that they're hitching themselves to the popular crowd. It's all BS and I don't think much of that kind of friend base.

I'd hate to be popular to be honest. I don't like to be the center of attention and maintaining that kind of crap would be exhausting anyway. I like to stick to myself in the background.

Those that were popular continue to club hop, fornicate, and even have some kids, weakening their chances even further to accomplish much in their lives. I have had my loop dee loops in life that have left me where I am today, but my point is that, just because it seems all peachy keen on one side, doesn't mean things are really like tha

I'm not popular and I don't want to, its not my thing. I never wanted to be in the centre of attention. I'm rather shy.?


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