Favourite Class

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Math, Biology, Chemistry, English, Romanian (school is really different here than in the USA btw)

English and Sport!

In high school it was always art, history, and psychology. In college it was psychology, sociology, and art history.

PE of course!!!?

Science and technology

When I was a student I loved algebra and trigonometry. It was easier to deal with formulas and numbers than writing long essays. I was a regular customer of https://www.privatewriting.com/compare-contrast-essay/topics service. They had never let me down.

Biology and chemistry but also sport

As of now, creative writing poetry... <3 My crush is always sitting in the front seats?

English and Chemistry

Math, Physics, Arts and PE

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English because my teacher lets me read all the poetry I want!

Biology, math and also PE always when we have sports that I like


I like my drama classes because I love art in all it's forms and this isn't like typical school work. It's fun but I still get credit for doing work.

English.... my crush is in there *_*


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