Favourite Class

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What is your favourite class in your school? It can be mandatory or elective, doesn't matter. Why do you like it? 

English.... my crush is in there *_*

Social Studies. More specifically, History. Ancient civilizations like Greece, Rome, Egypt, etc. they're just more interesting than any other subject.

My law & society class. My professor is really cute, and intelligent and *swoon*. I also have him next semester for Civil Liberties and Constitutional law. :)

The class is also really interesting.

Science, by all means! Mosly because I have an awesome teacher, and I just love science!!!

Hard to pick which classes is my favorite but I love my Math, Social Studies, and my Law class

Abnormal psychology and Theories of Personality  

It should be biology and PE

My english class!! hate the teacher but LOVE reading and writing!!
No crush :(((( 
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I love art class and when i took Beginning Japanese it was one of my favourite classes I've ever taken :)

History or Art. They are my best subjects. :)

I love art and biology.  I like PE if its swimming or running but I hate gym and team sports, our sportsmaster is mental.  I want to do ancient history for year 11/12 as I've heard its awesome.

My faves were ANY art class in high school...   LUV being creative and learning new techniques!

Drama and Dance. Seriously love being creative and out there with personality :D

Art and English. I'm a horrible artist but love doing anything artistic. And I love to read and to write. :)

I loveed all of my science classes when i was in highschool, i also really loved chemistry biology anthropology zoology anatomy and physiology and phisical education. 

Biology and Chemistry! I am a science nerd.

English, Maths, PE and Chemistry:)

Art, P.E, Writing/creative writing, biology

Favourite = History.....I'm like a history nerd
Most hated = Maths....no further comment needed

M​ath. I'm really good in all my subjects but I pass math easy.?

Music, history, and English.?

Science... I'm in Physics this year, it's pretty interesting, and my teacher is funny.



Biology, science.

I love Science, P.E, Geography, History, Art, and English....probably because they're my strongest subjects.

Biology and literature!! im in 8th grade

Band and Science

I like anything that is conducted in English. ?History has always been my favorite....not sure why.

English, Spanish, and PharmTech x

English and Biology!

My teacher makes Health really enjoyable, but I've recently fallen into a slump due to a bad grade. I'm really liking Linguistics lately, which is surprising since I am absolutely horrid at English (and always have been).

Favourite has to be English Literature - the books!!! I would've said History but the teachers are funnier and cooler in English

Drama. We are working on the Phantom of the Opera right now. My crush plays the Phantom.?

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