school supply lists ?
Do highschools even have suppy lists? Cause I can't find one so I'm just getting random stuff I think I'll need. & if you say ask people who are going to my highschool about supply lists, I can't. I don't know anyone going there. & school starts in 2 days.  
I never got one, not even in my first year.  I just got some pens and notebooks and hoped for the best.  If you're missing something that you need, I guess they'll tell you what else you need to get on the first day back.  Hey!  I’m Chaz. Well actually I’m Charlie but most people know me as Chaz. I’m 15. And I’m from the UK. Some place called Stoke to be precise. I’m happy to share my opinions with anyone. But I’m not writing them here because I don’t want people to judge me based on what I think. I’d love to talk to people who I have some differences with too. It makes life interesting. So if you wanna talk to me, go ahead! =] I love talking to new people. I’m apparently quite mature for my age. Even though I’m friendly online I’m actually really shy. And I’m not that popular, but it’s not because I’m a bad person. I just care too much about what people think of me. I know I shouldn’t. In short - this is me:    
I never get one either, you just buy stuff you know you'll need.Get all the things you put in your pencil case, and a notebook and a 1 inch binder. Bring those three things to each class and your teachers will tell you what to get an stuff, so you dont end up buying like a 2 inch binder for science but your teacher wants a 1 inch, you know?Anyway, thats what most of the kids in my school do, includnig myself. You don't be the only one doing this so don't worry:PAnd good luck on your first day! (:===========================================================Everyone loves the fat girl with confidence. pro-choice ; pro-woman ; pro-gay ; pro-gaymarriage ; pro-gay adoptionanti-war; anti-abortion  && even though im a canadian; i support Obama. (:I'm very opinionated. I say what I think but I say it with respect.I have alot of secrets, alot of problems, alot of issues.I won't complain, but thats me. (:I'm a 15 year old girl, I miss my best friend and I'm pretty happy most of the time.I want to be an author, Stephanie Meyer is my idol. Edward Cullen is my boyfriend.I think I still care about the first boy I ever have deep feelings for, along with the one who made me feel like crap. I wear my own little purity ring, but it isn't one I promised to my father or God. It is simply my choice and to prove my promise, I have that ring on my finger. I write alot. I talk alot. I smile alot. I read alot. Last year I went through a really terrible time. I thought my life was over, but even if not many things around me has changed since then, inside of me has and I understand the things on the outside change for the better when the things on the inside change first.I can't seem to figure out how to post pictures on here. Please help me. (:I'm good at giving advice, I enjoy it, need to talk feel free. (:Ask for my hotmail and if you really need to talk to someone, I'm always here. (:  

Doesn't your teacher give you a list of necessary goods? Usually they do. Here is an excellent source with the list of school supplies for every grade , very comprehensive and easy to navigate, you can find all the necessary info here. Good luck!


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