What is the best method for learning to read?

And which ones were the most helpful in your case?

I'm curious to hear about experiences of other people and to compare, well I heard so many times that modern children are a problem in this case, is that true? What do you think?

Everything depends on parents in this case. Of course different children have various hobbies and it's ok when a child likes math more than reading for example but anyway parents' example is very important in this case. In my childhood it was the main motivation for learning to read and it was the same with my daughter too, seeing us reading always kepr her interest. Reading aloud starting from early age is another important thing but of course such books should be interesting and later discussion of the certain story, characters etc. is necessary too :)
From our own experience I can say that the best methods were various card games for learning alphabet, singing and drawing letters, rhyming games, making letter crafts, clapping out syllables and playing library too. Also some modern virtual games like ABCya! and Zebrainy ABCs?https://itunes.apple.com/app/apple-store/id1165324239?mt=8 were helpful too, in my opinion they're the only necessary thing for starting of using gadgets in small age :) But such games shouldn't replace all other methods, the best results are achieved when they're combined and also teaching should be regular.

Oh, that's really interesting! And yeah, I totally agree about influence of parents for motivation in this case.


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