Organizations to help children with ADHD!


Seven years ago, I have migrated from Greenland. Now, I?m a permanent resident of U.S and married to a U.S citizen. I need an urgent help from you. My son is suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD). I wasn't aware of ADHD till my son got diagnosed with it. Till then, I thought, it was his arrogance made him distracted from studies. After realizing the fact, I tried all the way to help my son. An article published in ADDitude helped me a lot.

But, I must do something more to help him in studies. Is Texas STAAR Preparation and Online Assessment program?good for children having ADHD? Help with your suggestions and let me know all the available tips to bring him up to the level of a normal child. Is there any organization help children with this kind of disorders? Hope someone would help with suggestions!


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