drifting friends,attracting boring new ones and I want to transfer

So, last year I only had one friend. A best friend. After an argument, just before the summer, we kinda stopped talking. Over the summer I had alot of time to think and decided that even though I loved the whole 'one bff' thing, I knew that if I ever fell out with this person again that I'd have no friends and that I was really lucky that the fight happened over the summer so it wasn't super awkward in school. It's now the next year in Feb and I followed my own advice this year. I joined new clubs, made a ton of new friends, blah, blah, blah. Now, I feel as if me and my old bff are drifting apart. She's a party person and is slowly hanging out with party people too, which makes sense. People hang out with people like them. But, even though we still talk and hang out I do feel left out. It doesn't seem that bad seeing as I have a ton of new friends, but the bad thing is, that the people I'm 'friends' with, I actually hate. They're snooty and snoby and look down on people and act like they are the only people in the school that actually matter. They're super bitter and wannabe's yet they act so nice? They really get on my nerves because they think that they are just like me, but I don't want to be asscociated with people like them. They totally kiss up to the teachers and act all pure and kind, while judging other girls and calling them sluts and whores. Of course, whenever they say this I try to correct them and understand that what they are saying is really horrible but they don't listen. I try to distance myself and honestly hide from them but they always show up and sit next to me in the canteen before class starts and some of them have actually been sat next to me by teachers because of seating plans. They are also so boring. They are super religious, which of course isn't a bad thing, but I feel as if I have to really watch what I say around them. Not in the discriminating religions way or saying stuff like 'God doesn't exist' I mean if I say something like, ' I like to go to parties' or 'I love her outfit. that short skirt really suits her!' they jump down my throat saying that partying is for bad girls and sluts and that girls should dress in a certain way etc. It's infuriating because I'm sick of trying to correct them and I don't want to spend my entire school life trying to change people, but they just won't leave me alone. i honestly want to move schools and start again. No distractions from boys because the only other option is an all girls school. I can start again and make new friends like me. it could be a new beginning. But new uniforms and transport is expensive. And what if the same thing happens. I know that no matter where I go, I'll always find people who I don't like, but these people are next level. At the beginning of this year I guess I was so focused on making new friends that I never actually stopped to realise who i was becoming friends with. Im afraid hat now my old bff thinks that I'm like them, hating on party girls which is terrible because she is a party kinds person. I feel like I've just made a huge mess that I can't escape from. I've tried talking to the school counsellers and parents and friends from other schools, but they all tell me the same thing, that I'll always find people I don't like and to just suck it up and try start over after the summer holidays, which aren't too far away I guess, but I don't want to spend my summer avoiding people and end up wasting it. I'm just so stressed and I can't think what to do. PLEASE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE!!!​


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