Embarrassing period situation, did you experienced something similarly?

i'm the Sophie and i have 18 years.
I'm going to tell you some really freaky story about mystical disapperance of sanitary pads from the purses and backpacks of girls in the my class at school.
As an introduction i must to provide you the description of situation in the country about sanitary napkin disposal system in public restrooms or in an any other restroom.
I traveled to other countries, and i have seen one very good thing, in almost every public restroom there was sanitary napkin disposable system, also on some places was a systems where you can waste an used one pad and get one unused new pad.
After that i searched through web and find out that was called "Sanitary napkin vending machine".
Because we haven't something like this in our restroom at school, we girls, must to have a few spare sanitary pads which we have to carry from to home (by packing them in our purses, for example in some inner pocket of our purses, or in smaller bulkhead of our backpacks).
Also some girls practice packaging its pads in the metal case which themselves got as gratis by buying package pads, in that metal box you can store an one up to three smaller pad.
And then, when we need to change it, we must to go with our purses on, or to bring a neseser with us to the restroom if we don't want to everybody know that we are on our periods we need to sneak it from the place in our purses/backpacks to the sleeve or waisteband or to put in sock etc.
Also in our cabins in the female restroom is the only bin and we got to waste an used pad in the naylon which is used for package of new pad and than roll it in, and put a fresh one.
Now i'm going to tell you a freaky story of mystical disapperance of sanitary pads from female's purses in our class.
My friends and me has noticed there are so much times we have stayed without our spare pads, and we was so sure that we has carried a few pads or just only one from the home and packed in the purse as i descripted in the introduction.
There was few sitations where my friends and i also have an situation that we already peeled off our used pad from the panties and after that get to open metal case to take a new one, where the pads should be and guess what, there wasn't spare pad. . That seems mystical, how that pads fucking disappeared.. we just make a joke, them really have wings. .?
As in before situations we were sure up to 100 percents that we have bringed spare pads from the home, and then we used to improvise a something like pad for currently need with toilet paper, while other friend go to the neariest shop to buy new package, bacuse almost every girl from the class which was at that moment at restroom for changing pad haven't pad which surely has been birng from home.
They aren't so interested in the case . . But i have to watching as i am the inspector . .
I have searched for the strange behavior of the other pople from the class . .
I found out that is one cool guy which almost always stay in druing the break from the lectures, while others ussually go to launch, walk out or smoke cigaretee or go for coffeee or restroom etc . .
After that haven't talk to other about my obesrvation . .
I have cought few times when we come from the break he changed his place (he don't standing on his chair), he was few times on the place of me and my friends . .
Our classrooms during the breakfs aren't locked, and we haven't cabinets to hold our personal staff like are backpacks and purses.
I also figured out he is foiling that he is sleeping, and becuase he was putted his jacket above our purses it seems that he rummaging through our purses. Also i found few times opned zip on the pockets in my purse, or opened whole purse.
And on the sport classes we have the sport hall and there we playing sports and excercises durring the class.
We have female and male dressing room, and they also stay unlocked during the classes, a few times i have seen hin lefting female dressing room, i checked my purse and i found out there isn't more spare pads, but before that when i was at restroom there was two . .
That is lasting more than one year, he is so sweet, it was earlier my crush, but now i don't know i am not sure is that stealer of pads is he? . .and don't know what to do, should i tell to my friend, or talk with him?
I don't know he is so cool, but that thing make me mad . .
He is stealing pads only from attractive girls from the class.
Somebody who are doing that is so creepy and that is so sickly . .
Why he do that, have someone an idea? Explanation. .?
He looks very attractive and he is very smart and have big authority (rispect) at school, as i know he isn't gay or something like that, he was in long relationship for about 2 years with older girl from our school (one of the most attractive girls in the school).
Maybe he don't do that, maybe is someone other . . felling confused
I make an "secret place for holding pads" he was discoveder it, it was a milled hole in the notebook, even from that place my pad has disappeared . . I don't know what to do, did you experienced similarly situations?


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