Keep missing school

Okay so I'm in like 9th grade and I just got into high school. I'm worried because I've been missing the bus,skipping, and have a enough tardy slips to get into restricted lunch but can't seem to care. I know that entire sentence probably sounds like the most stupid thing you've ever heard but it's the truth and I'm honestly worried about it. My bus comes at like 6:25 and at the beginning of the year I would get up at 5 and make it to the bust stop in time but lately I've been silencing my alarms and waking up at like 6 and not even trying to make it out the house to the bus stop in time. I've honestly skipped an entire day of school(more than once unfortunately) and when my mom found out and started yelling at me I didn't care. Even worse when she left my room I started laughing to myself. It doesn't make any sense that I haven't seen my first period class room in almost a week. I don't know if I'm just burning out which makes no sense because I'm only a freshmen, if I'm just overreacting, or if there's like really something wrong with me. It's stressing me out because I honestly don't know what to do about it. Please help me.

Bad bad....


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