Staying in the UK

My name is Alice Porter and I'm currently studying my masters in Manchester. I am originally from South Africa, but there is nothing really keeping me there anymore. I would really like to stay in the UK on a permanent basis, get a job and start a real life here. There is so much more opportunity and I feel as though I can really become myself. I need to be put into contact with somebody who has successfully gone through the naturalisation process to gain Britsih Citizenship, and somebody who is able to guide me through.?

I want to not only be able to work in the UK, but I want to also belong here permanently. If anybody has the answers or the experience to help me out, then please do not hesitate to get involved. As an international student it can be quite tricky to be able to get either a work permit as there are so many people wanting the same thing. I've been doing some research and so many people have tried and failed, and so many people have different methods of gaining British citizenship.



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