Should I foster children?

Hi everyone!

I'm a 21 y/o mum of a beautiful little boy! I have up training to be a nurse when I fell pregnant, so my partner is the full-time bread winner at the moment.I am looking to have another child, but I'd love to be able to work in some capacity one day. Someone has recently suggested foster parenting as a means of income. I would love to do something like this ? as I know there is a need for it ? but can you really foster children with young kids in the house?

I just don't know if this is possible?I have so many questions about it, but I wanted to actually chat to someone who has done it? Is there anyone out there? I want to know how difficult it is in reality for example? or how to you even go about becoming one? What are the requirements?

Also I know you can go through local authority or go private ? but which do you pick? A friend of my sisters uses a private fostering agency called?Lorimer Fostering?(They have been great lovely to her but I'm sure theres loads of really good ones out there.)Apparently, you get a lot more one on one support with a private agency, but more flexibility going via local authority. Does anyone here have any experience using either?

(I'm looking to foster in Liverpool for some reference)Does anyone here foster full time as a career? I know it sounds awful to be a foster parent for the money, but the thought of earning more while being at home all day with my kids sounds amazing, not to mention that I think I could be a really good foster parent.

I'm quite cool tempered and laid back, and empathic. Is this enough? I'm at a bit of a loss. If anyone could help share their experiences with me I'd be so grateful!Any help or advice would be appreciated. I did try and search for a thread about this topic but couldn't find one but if there is one somewhere you could point me to also that'd be fab!
Thank you! S x


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