High School Advice?

Hi! I'm starting high school in less than a month and I basically have no idea what to expect. All my friends are going to different schools so I'm not really going in with anything. Does anyone have any advice? Anything helps :)

​Hey, i was a Freshman last year and i was soo nervous, i was looking at every freshman advice videos on YT and me and my best friend were constantly talking about what we should expect for high school. the older kids don't even pay you any attention trust me and don't be shy when it comes to making new friends (all kids aren't mean). the hallways are always crazy and they worst thing about it people move very slow.. lol but other than that don't expect anything bad for your freshman year?

?i hope this helps some xo​



Never overshare about yourself or others-this stops gossip and rumors from spreading-also don't share anything you heard from someone else
Don't take a class because a cute guy or girl is taking the course
If you're good at an elective class or extra curciular activity don't drop it you'll probably regret it in the long run
If you have problems with a teacher ask your counseller to drop the course and/or report them if you have to


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