College Bound?

Hey gurls, I'm 24 and just applied for college, hoping to become a Child and Youth Worker in the near future. I would begin this September if accepted. Apart of me hopes to get accepted, but the other part of me is extremely scared. I've never been an +A student, so I really don't know if I'll be able to handle the course load. Secondly, I have social anxiety and find it hard to be around people for long periods. I have no friends right now and kinda scared I won't make any friends at school. Also, my parents won't be helping me pay for school, so I'm going to have to continue working (hopefully 2 days a week) and I'm definitely going to have to depend on OSAP (government assistance for post secondary schooling) . As of right now I'm working part time and don't have much saved, but I'm afraid when I start school, I'm going to be in an even worst position financially because I won't be working as much, which is giving me anxiety. Am I worried about nothing? How do I get over these anxieties of mines? Advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.?


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