Do emotions have a place in science?

?It seems as though, many trivial things have no place in science.... Romance, fashion, and toys to name a few...

?? But, are emotions on the same level? Everyone has them... But sometimes scientifically, they get in the way...

Your thoughts?

Yes, all our emotions have a chemical reaction inside us, mostly in our brain. The emotions themselves can be subject of a science such as Psychology.

no all scientists must be cold blooded

no all scientists must be cold blooded

I can't tell if that's sarcasm or not...

I don't really understand the question but......I much prefer to consider Romance on an emotional level, rather than approach it scientifically. ?A scientific basis to fashion with a dash of emotion is fine.

I'm not 100% sure of Murty's point either, but would agree that scientists have more credibility by indicating that they haven't allowed emotion to encroach on their work. Although accurate scientific findings should be identical whether undertaken in a cold blooded or hot blooded way. The science wouldn't change, even if your emotions wished it would.


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