my currently messy life

My best friend just got out of a relationship and clearly stated, " I'm just gonna do me for a while ". After prom, she met this guy our friend introduced to us and she instantly grew attached. She got his number and they've went out about twice now. But here's the catch, I've also hung out with him a couple times and I've started catching mad feelings. At first, i felt horrible and i thought i was a horrible friend. But recently, i realized that maybe she doesn't even deserve him. Now, before you jump conclusions, no i would never be a homewrecker. But even the friend that hooked them up admitted that he'd rather see me in my best friend's place because " she has bad qualities and you're a better person for my friend ". He's super loyal while my best friend is quick to point out the closest attractive guy. But me being who i am, I've decided to just try to lose my feelings. But how do i do so without cutting him off? Because he's a great person and friend and reeaally fun to be around! I'm troubled. DISCLAIMER: i promise im not a bad friend. i just call it as i see it and this is what i see. i love my best friend to death but she's in love with attention?\_(ツ)_/?

If she's a good enough friend, can't you talk to her? Before anything get's serious, you can explain how you like him before her and how you feel. If she gets defensive, she obviously isn't a supportive friend.


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