My Crush + My friend. HELP!

So, I've had a major crush on this guy for a while. I'm currently studying so know him from there,Let's call him J. My friend, let's call her H, she is very outgoing and doesn't really care for anyone's feelings. Anyway, so i have a class with J and H. Normally J hangs out with his friends, he doesn't actually talk to many girls, so i've never felt jealous. Because H is so outgoing, naturally she starts talking with J. H doesn't know about my crush and I'm pretty sure she would tell everyone about it if i told her. It's been annoying me so much just knowing that she gets to talk to him, like just naturally calls his name and makes comments or whatever. I'm quite shy and introverted but the only time i tried to talk to J, he completly ignored me and walked away. I really like J, and i don't want H having a better relationship with him than me. Thanks for reading and PLEASE tell me what to do! I'm kinda freaking out! Please comment!

Come on! Please tell me what to do!


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