I am confused

Hey! Even though I was born as a girl, I was different from other girls since childhood. I always played football instead of tennis and other games which most girls loved to play. I was lucky that my elder brothers allowed me to play with them. At the time of puberty, the changes to my body were annoying to me. I still hate my sagging breasts. I have heard of female to male top procedure, but I am not sure if I am ready to undergo the surgery. I would like to hear from someone who experienced a similar situation. Please share your views. Thanks in advance.

My brother used to be my sister. For him he says he knew by 1st grade that he was supposed to be a boy, and he tried to pass himself off as a boy ever since. He refused to use the girls bathroom, modified his name to a male name, dressed in lose fitting tops so he looked male, cut his hair so he looked male.

After high school he had the opertion, removed his breasts, officially changed his name, we got used to saying "he" instead of "she", he actually found a girlfriend, and is quite happy now.

You can look for aa local LGBQT (I foget the exact letters, it's Lebian Gay Bisexual Queer Transgender, maybe I got the letters right) oganization, where you can meet other similar people and discuss with them your feeings. They are the peers which makes them the experts.


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