Girlfriend loves to tease/annoy me: plez help

I hate admiting this, but my girlfriend sometimes teases me for hours. She will pinch me and lick me and just do a bunch of things i cant stand to get a reaction out of me. (or maybe there is another reason, i dont know). Sometimes its just a little: five miniutes and then we are back to having fun, but others my paitence is tested and i get incredibly angry. The times when its at its worst i cant get her to stop; she wont listen. I will tell her to stop but he wont unless i yell at her. I hate that; she looks hurt every time I yell and it breaks my heart. I have never gotten psysical to stop her from teasing me and I pray I never will. We have been together for two years now and the teasing has never been this bad.?

Other than this I truely feel our relationship is a great one where we make eachother happy and enjoy eachothers company. I really want advice. I am not sure what to do. Thank you for listening and for anything u have to say

You might need to actually sit her down and talk to her about this. Tell her actually how you feel and that it breaks your heart to have to tell her so many times!?

only way is talk it out or leave when she does this. if you disappear for a couple of days when she is mean she will probably stop torture you.?


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