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I've been suffering from anxiety for awhile now, and it looks like I'm about to start some type of SSRI. I am a teen, and know that if this doesn't help I can easily get off of them, but I'm really scared to start taking them. I've tried talk therapy/CBT, but I feel like it only makes me more panicky, and feel worse because I usually cope by ignoring my problems.?

I was in the same boat as you. I held on to the first prescription that my pdoc gave me for about 3 months before I finally started taking them. I was anxious that I would have a bad reaction or that I would be worse off emotionally. But it actually has been helping so I'm glad I got over that fear. You'll neevr know how you'll respond to a medication until you actually try it. It's scary to start but if something doesn't work you could always switch to something new.

Also, don't completely rely on the medication. You need to do some work in actually addressing your problems head-on, as hard as it may be. Maybe you could reach out to a trusted friend you can confide in.

Having suffered from chronic anxiety for many years, I cannot disregard the use of medicaton to reduce anxiety. I needed them, however, I came to realize that they were only a bandaid solution.

My anxiety, mostly Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Social Anxiety were caused by deep rooted issues which developed as a child. My anxiety was caused by my thinking and I recovered by working hard at changing the way I thought about people, places, and things.

Big caution! Watch out for certain types of anxiety reducing medications. Primarily benzodiazapines which fall under the names of Atavan and Lorazapan to name a few. They are highly addictive, and I became addicted. I did get clean, however, my life was absolute hell in the process.

In fact, detoxing was worse than the anxiety that they were meant to treat.

Hope this helps...


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