Anxiety and Depression

I am a sufferer of major anxiety - and the most poignant type is social anxiety, which i've suffered from for 8 years. I have the worst social anxiety ever, and i just feel completely alone. I panic as soon as I need to do something which involves me talking to ANYONE apart from my close friends, and immediate family (sister,mum,dad). I got a request for an Interview at a Uni yesterday, and i'm absolutely scared as hell. I haven't even sorted out a date for it, and yet my mind is full of 'will they like me?', 'will they see through me?', 'what if i can't think of an answer for a question?'. My mind goes blank usually when anyone asks me a question about myself, so i'm kind of bricking it. i just feel really alone, like noone i know goes through anything like this - they're all so confident. i don't want to seem annoying.. I feel completely lost and messed up in my head. I also am majorly insecure about myself.

I can't talk to my mum or sister either bc they just think i'm being dramatic. I also suffer from depression, which makes it 1000 times works because i'm just completely un-motivated to do anything....

Yeah so, if anyone who's going through the same thing wants to chat about it, message me.?

i know exactly what you're going through..i've suffered from depression/anxiety for well over 10 years. i get anxious when it comes to talking to anybody in person/on the phone, i am very insecure about myself too..message me if you ever need somebody to talk to


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