Robbed at Gunpoint

I live in Chicago and we are known for terrible things happening. I was recently robbed at gun point and I was terrified for my life. I went through multiple stages of fear. First I was hopeful he would let me at least keep something, my phone, I don't know. But he didn't. He kept pointing the gun at me and repeating that I give him my purse. I let him and I ran off with my jacket. I wasn't too far from home so when I got there, my family immediately called the police and we managed to make report. My neighbors were so nice, one of them said "I'm gonna make sure he gets caught. You're my baby don't cry". I'm so traumatized. I was scared he was going to shoot me. And I really hoped he gets caught. It took me a long time to recover. We changed all the locks and I canceled my debit card. I did the best I could. And I feel terrible. I honestly don't want to go outside ever again. But what can I do? I felt anxious and overwhelmed. My heart was beating so fast. It all went by so fast. I don't feel safe anymore.

Vent for myself:
I hope that you get caught. I sincerely hope you get locked up. And there's a chance that you could even get killed because these streets of full of people with guns like you. There's no way you can get passed my passcode on my phone so you'll have to restart it all over again. They already found the car you stole full of things that belonged to me and others. I hope my phone is in there too, but I can only hope. I struggle so much to write this without saying anything disgusting, but you sincerely are the disgusting scum that walks through these streets lurking to see what you can get. You are the reason people do not feel safe and a part of the problem. I wish I could go back to moments before and I wish I never left my home. I wish you would have gone the opposite way, but somehow if there is a god, you and I met for a reason. Perhaps it was your incident with me that allowed you to get caught in the near future. Who knows. But thanks to you, I don't trust anywhere outside my house, I cannot live safely as a pedestrian, and now I have to continue depending on others for rides because no one ever had time to teach me. I cannot take the bus and I cannot take the train. You are the reason I will live traumatized and afraid and I hate that I have to admit that. You will never read this and I'm okay with that. I hope you get what you deserve.

That must be horrible. Do you need to go through bad neighborhoods or was it just a random thing? I haven't had anything like that happen, not only have I not been mugged at gunpoint but nobody's ever actually threatened to beat me up except maybe as little kids years ago.

I have, however been perved on and felt very uncomfortable and nervous, like what if I turn a corner and there he is, and it's just him and me? Both social fear of having to deal with it and also some physical fear of what if he grabbed me. I try to walk with friends whenever possible and I rarely go anywhere alone at night for that kind of reason, but I know that't not always practical depending on your school, work or whatever. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon, also I hope they catch him!!


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