Anxiety disorder????

I've researched a bit about different mental illnesses but I'm not 100% if this is normal or something more severe. So all my life I've had nervous stomach pains (before school before a swim meet before talking to a crush) but recently they have been worse also I've been having chest pains and I feel like I cannot breathe usually I get them when running in gym or working out (I am an athlete so I was doubting that this has anything to do with fitness level). But sometimes I feel unable to breathe when a teacher call my name out to read something or even just to say "here" while doing attendance. I find I am at a loss for words when talking to new people or doing something new. Is this normal or am I just paranoid??

I would talk to your guidance councler at school. Might just be anexity, but they can help you with that.?

It could be a social anxiety, which is totally normal. If you can do these things with difficulty, it may be because of fluctuations in hormone levels or any other body chemistry changes, and it'll likely pass or get better with time. If it isn't a matter of having some difficulty, like saying "here" when your name is called in class, but you actually find that you can't force yourself to speak, then it isn't normal, and you need to ask for help. Brave people aren't fearles - they experience fear just like anyone else, but they do what needs to be done, even though they're afraid. Ask a counselor at school for a referral to a family therapist, preferably one who's a woman. If you start with an MD, you'll likely end up on medication (that's what doctors do). I say start with a therapist/counselor, because meds may be where you end up, but you don't want to start there - it'll mess up a bunch of other things.


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