Friend Zone :(

I have liked this boy for a long time, everyday I think of him, and when i see him, i feel so happy! I am only 20 years old, so its not true love or anything as i know i have my whole life ahead of me. I actually think he likes me!..... as a friend. He laughs with me, he talks to me about his family and even includes me with things he is doing. But he's just not into me like i feel about him, everyone knows who he likes and its not me. Sometimes it gets me down a bit, to think about how much i like him, when he only thinks of me as a friend. Basically, I want to know if you girls have any opinions or things that can help me, to get him to see me in a different view? Is that possible? Thanks for your support.

I can relate to how you feel
Talk to him more about interests you both share and support or encourage him whenever you can
You can try to get him interested but ultimately, it's up to the guy himself
All the best!

Thank you! I will try working on that!

No problem :)
Hope all goes well for you


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