Hi EVERYONE! I just wanted to put out there that I am finally feeling happy. I think I came to the conclusion that I'll I really need to do is forgive. FORGIVING is really a good step to make yourself feel good.


Let's have a conversation :) :)

18 year old girl named Bobbi Lee :) <3

Aw it's great to see how happy you seem to be
Forgiving is definitely something many people should do more often
My day has been alright, how about yours?

I am glad to read that you are happy!! I am having a good day also, so I am glad to read someone else is!

So happy to hear that you're happy!

my day has been good and I'm doing good so far. :)

Congrats 😁 happy is good!

Really feeling good. Very happy to hear that and I am having a good day.


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