Just feeling sad with everything

Ok so I know posting is pointless for me and now since people like me are hated more I feel like I can't post anything at all because I'll just get hate responses when all I wanted to do here was find some friends too talk too. But I still feel really super lonely with no one too talk too and everyone telling me too get out because I'm evil and just want too try too get in someone's pants some how or whatever. When I just wanted a place too be true too myself and be comfortable with myself and what I really am but I'm not able too. Whatever I told myself I wouldn't post anymore because I'll get ignored since I'm just a stupid boy but I guess I feel a little better writing this but yall can just ignore it, it's more for me too let things out.

Hey, I know how you feel; I really do.
Making friends can be difficult for some people but I'm sure that soon, you will find people who you feel comfortable with and truly call friends :)
Sometimes, new people show up when you least expect them to

PS: feel free to send me a message whenever you feel like it :)

Well then maybe you shouldn't have bothered in the first place and not have joined in the beginning, or just gone somewhere else and "been your true self" there because you may dress and act like a girl and wanna be a girl but you'll never really be a girl so just deal with it and stop trying.

Nothing wrong with letting things out, not seeking responses, which is what you wrote you were doing with this posting. When you write positive things, you'll get mostly positive responses. Smile, and people smile back. Frown, and they frown back or turn away. You have to take responsibility for the negativity you put out there in the world. Your posting isn't hostile, but it is unequivocally negative. Initiate some positive interactions. Eliminate words like "pointless, hated, and hate" (all in your opening line) from your speech and writing, and things are bound to improve for you.


I've tried too be positive for the handful of months I was on here but I learned that my thoughts and opinions kind of don't really matter since I'm a boy, so if no one wants too try and be my friend which is kind of all I wanted or just hate me for being here, then why should I bother trying too be positive when it's so much easier for me too be hateful and negative since that's what I've been doing pretty much all my life.


If your thoughts and opinions don't matter to others, it's because they're as wrapped-up in themselves as you are. It has nothing to do with being a boy or girl, but you already knew that gurl.com was not the ideal place for a boy to find acceptance.That shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone - that your thoughts and opinions matter a lot more to you than they do to others - that's life, for all of us. You just rejected my thoughts and opinions about being positive, and continued your negativity. I showed you the path to positivity, which you clearly and admittedly tried for a brief time and abandoned on purpose. As the captain of your own ship, you make your own choices, and you've made yours.You've willingly and willfully made some bad decisions. Pity parties aren't fun, yours or anyone else's. This guest is taking her leave.


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