Change is getting too much

Hi, guys. I'm starting sixth form in September ?(school for 16-18 year olds in Britain) and I just feel like all my friends are changing and experimenting with their style (getting piercings, dying their hair etc). And I feel like I just stayed the same or I just keep scrambling to find who I am but everyone else knows. I like my style and I don't want to dye my hair or get a whole bunch of piercings but I feel like I'm being left behind and I'm just kind of boring in comparison to my friends now - I know it's a kind of dumb problem but I'm not worried about my exam results or even starting a new school, just this. This constant feeling of being left behind that's keeping me up at night. Especially when I know I have a great life with friends who care about me and good grades. I know that knowing what I like (and it not being grungy Emo stuff) is a good thing but I just feel stuck - in time or in my comfort zone, I don't know? I hope you guys have some advice because I don't think changing myself to be like them will make me even close to happy either.?
Thanks for reading XOXO

No I don't think changing yourself is the answer, never change anything about yourself for someone else. You just need to be comfortable in yourself. You need to feel good about yourself. If you don't have the feelings about changing yourself then thats good!

No reason to feel left behind. If you like your style that is what matters in the end. And that should be enough. Don't feel like you need to change :).?


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