My anxiety is getting worse. My chest feels odd,my stomach hurts more, and it comes with headaches. I try calming down but the anixety last for hours of pain and odd chest feelings. (Just venting) I cant seem to relax, or sleep.?

I saw something on tumblr that helps you calm down long enough to at least catch your breath and think rationally for a minute. Count 5 things you can see, 4 things you can touch, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you ccan smell, and 1 thing you can taste

I never thought of that, I should try it next time x Thanks^^

This sounds awesome for anxiety but also for arguments and feeling tight, thank you, will remember!

One app that my was recommended to therapy is called "stop, breath and think"?

it it gives meditations based on your mood, and it helps your mood! Let me know if it helps you.?

I have bad anixity and depression and it helps at times.?

Mostly I have social anxiety, and apps don't help. I basically think that others are judging me the whole time and oftentimes I don't there to approach people, and I feel super awkward sitting somewhere alone. I always judge myself based on what I?think?others think and I always try to fit in and to be good enough for the circle of friends or buddies I'm with. Of course this doesn't apply to my closests friends and my boyfriend, as I can be myself with them and I feel god.

But the 5 girls I am together with in the group at my university, we hang out together and talk about everything, yet I feel that I have to measure up to them. They all are more fashionable, wear make up, and are more regular girls than me. I am a metalhead, I don't have clothes with nice brands and my way of fun is concerts, and I actually do feel that they look at me as inferior, which might be not true. But this is what I feel almost all the time.

If I go out folk dancing to live music, I don't dare to approach anybody and I also think they ridicule me, because almost everybody is a better dancer than me. I know this is not important and not my fault, because those people have been dancing since their childhood, and me not, but it also gives me a good 'reason' not to feel as a part of the group... :\ ?I don't know how I could battle this...?

I know I am making progress, because I remember that when I was still a teenager (22 now) I didn't even dare to go into a store, shoe shop, bakery, whatever, because I thought that I would start to stutter, or not be able to say what I want, or the staff there would think that I am stupid....

One thing I think helped me, was my boyfriend. He says I dance silly, and he loves me for being different. Don't let your self get down for being different. Think about it, the people we like (friends or other) like us for who we are. We don't need to measure up to them, they already like us :).?

Something that works for me when I get really nervous is counting the worst things what have happened to me, that have broken me down or almost broken me down; and reminding my self that I can get through this. I am not sure if this will work for you, but good luck!


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