The future

Hi,so of course everyone wonders how things will go in the future of their life ,what career they'll have, who they'll marry,how many kids they'll have(or can handle),just what life will be like in general .So tell me what would be your answer to these questions?,I'm not asking where do you see yourself in so and so years(there's no deadline) .Im asking where do you want to be in life in the future!.Amswering all the questions above let us know.:)

In the future I just hope I'll be successful and happy, wherever I am

I have given myself multiple futures too my life, some are good and more are worse and I always figured I'd would end up in one of the worse futures for myself?

Whatever may come I hope to be happy and satisfied with whatever I get.

I want to make a career in computer science and have a big family with 2 kids. Now I'm trying to do all my best to achieve my goals.

I want to live in UK and to become a well-known interior designer. This year I will get bachelor's degree in graphic design, all I left is to finish my dissertation in the best possible way till the end of the month. Several great ideas I've found here and currently I'm writing the introduction and the first paragragh of my dissertation. I think I'll also ask Essaymasters to help me with the conclusion and to check my work for grammar errors. Last time they helped me a lot.

In the future i hope to be a succesful doctor with two kids and have time to exercise, that is probably asking a lot! but really wish just be happy. Most of all not stuck in the wrong relationship or marriage.

I hope to get married before I have to worry about a career. Having a career sounds boring and not really interesting to me. I'd like to have 2 or 3 kids, maybe a boy and two girls (as long as I'm making my shopping list). As far as where and how I want to live, I want it to be a total surprise. I like to take life as it comes and I don't know If I want to have too much of it planned out ahead of time. If I get a real firm idea in my mind I might end up disappointed if it doesn't work out that way. I make a lot of mistakes being too impulsive and spontaneous, but I don't want to get too rigid either.

I want my future to be good... I wanna have a good life and for others to like me.. It would be awesome to have a husband who is as smart as me AND cares for me.. And I'd like a really good job and to go to college in the next year or 2....


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