School Anxiety over T.A

So last year, I moved to a special school. And one of the features there is I have to check in with my T.A every week to update her on my progress. Last year, I skipped those all the time and by the end off the year I was extremely behind and had a very ticked off T.A. This year I was going until October. I had a tough time with me depression and missed school for almost a week. Since then I've been going to school for about 3 days a week, and I haven't seen my T.A since before the incident. I feel as though she'll be understnading but I'm still having plenty of anxiety about it. I'm on track with all my work and getting good grades but I'm scared she'll rip into me about my absences.?

So how do I face my anxiety over seeing her and how do I tell her why I've been missing school if it comes up? And how do I defend myself if she challenges me, as?these days off have really helped me and I still take work home on these days.


Think about the outcome?

Since you have anxiety, you will go straight to the negative, worst possible thing that could happen in every situation.?
Take this as a gift! Use your anxiety as a gift to do the exact opposite and focus on the best things that can happen if you follow the rules?

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