My emotions are a wreck

So here is my story, Just a week after celebrating my 17th birthday this past January my older sister who at the time just recently herself just turned 21 received the worst possible phone call anyone could imagine. It was from a hospital telling us to get there ASAP there had been an accident involving my parents. So we rushed to the hospital but we were too late as both my parents had passed due to the injuries they sustained in the accident. We were both devastated and really only had each other as our Grand Parents lived several States away and my one Grand Father was extremely ill. My only Aunt and Uncle lived all the way on the West Coast and we were not very close to them at all. So with not hardly anytime at all to grieve together the State came banging on our door and eventually pulling me out of the home and away from my sister to a Foster Family. The States reasoning was my sister did not have a job sufficient enough to support me(still a child) and herself. So my sister pulled up her big girl pants and dropped her full time college placement as she was going to be entering her Senior Year this upcoming Fall to get a Full Time job. We were able to sell the house and with the money from the accident as well from insurance or whatever it was my sister got an apartment. All this while I some how finished my Junior year of High School. The Foster home I was in were good people and I was glad for that, but I need to be with my sister. So to make a long story short the State finally agree that my sister could be my guardian until my 18th birthday in January and 3 weeks ago I finally moved into the apartment with her where we are finally able to grieve together. As you can probably imagine my emotions are like riding a roller coaster at times. My sister and I don't go a day without crying although she tries to keep a straight face in front of me most of the time. Hell she is only 21 herself and now she is not only my Big Sister and Best Friend, but also my parent for the next several months. The State is also keeping a close eye on us both for any slip ups during that time as they would yank me out again. It don't make sense, but that is the way it works. Through this whole process the person being yanked around and screwed(ME) has pretty much no say because technically I am still a kid. I sucks and I can't wait till I turn 18 in january.

Have any one of you try to contact your relatives? maybe your aunt and uncle, honestly i found it quite weird that you were sent to a foster home when you had relatives available to take care of you and your sister.?


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