Caring for an elderly relative

Me and my boyfriend are looking after his ill mum, who is slowly but surely getting better, however, she's an extremely proud woman. She doesn't want to be looked after with everything she does, and at the moment it is required, especially as there are several tablets to take at the moment. We'd never place her into a care home, as she's family, but like a way to help her regain her independence so she can at least still enjoy certain times.

We have looked into 'assisted living' technology to help with the process, but without the proper guidance, we could be buying something that makes her worse, especially as it could potentially cause stress. We've looked into medication reminders, so that is something that she can do on her own, however, we are beginning to struggle a little with the options we have.

We eventually found something a little better, however, if there are alternatives it would be a massive help for us. The system is called GrandCare and it was successful in the US and is beginning a venture into the UK. Does anybody have any experience with the company/ systems so I can feel a little more reassured at the thought of purchasing?

Any help from anyone here will be massively appreciated!

Saskia x


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