My little brother is struggling to cope with the move.

My family of 4 including my little brother and I have relocated to BC from Toronto just a few months back. The biggest cause of concern for us was my brother who is just 8 years old was totally upset with the move leaving his cute little friend network behind.
I was sad too about the move, but I was able to deal with it. We had to put a lot of effort to try and help him adjust to the new place. Recently, I have read about Kids trouble adjusting to culture shock on an article by a moving service. It mentions a few tips to help them deal with it. Some of it says to talk with them, provide them familiar and favourite toys. We have tried them, but he isn't comfortable yet.
May be he need more time or is there anything we could do to help him? Can someone advise me about what to do to help my brother?


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