My brother is getting mad at me because his guy friends like me

My brother plays video games a lot with his guy friends who are two years younger than me (I am 20 they are 18). They do it mostly at our house sometimes at one of the other guys house. It used to be that I'd make fun of them they'd make fun of me, but no big deal we mostly ignored each other. This summer they try to get me to hang out, and to some extent they follow me around offering to do stuff for example take out the trash. Also I have noticed boners. So basically they have "noticed" me I guess. I am not interested, I have a boyfriend and I don't think of them that way anyway and never will. In my mind I am minding my own business and they are starting to be annoying, sweet but annoying.

In my brother's mind though I am stealing his friends. The thing he blames me for is (and this is true) wearing short-shorts and tops that also show skin including sometimes sports bras. But it's not because of them that is just how I dress when hanging out at home, I didn't ask them to come over, in fact I'd rather they weren't there. However I also want to be a good sister because my brother has had difficulty socially at times (it's better now but for a while he was ostracized in high school) so, I don't want to cause him to lose friends or for anything to be weird.

I am not sure what to do, maybe basically hide from them or act rude so they leave me alone?

I'd be telling your brother to tell his friends that you've got a boyfriend and even though you're flattered his friends seem to like're totally not interested. Andddd it's your house, you can dress whatever way you want to.?


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