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How can I get my Mom to stop calling me by my childhood nickname? I'm 23 and she calls me by it all the time no matter how embrassed I am. I don't want to be called by it anymore because the man who touched used to call me this nickname when we'd touch each other. She still won't stop and says "it's because your my baby and everyone I know does it."

Well, you could just have a one on one conversation with her and ask her nicely.? She's your mom though...and she's only gonna be around for a certain amount of time.? You might not mind it so much and wish she had said it more...when she's gone.

^^^ Just like this young lady said, you can have a girl to girl talks and ask her nicely that those nicknames are making you feel uncomfortable. I honestly don't think she's doing it on purpose, parents are like thst mostly because they always see us as their little kids, I think the least she wants is to make you feel bad so she will understand


The point is being missed. The man who touched me used to call me that during dirty talks which is why I don't like it and my Mom doesn't seem to understand.

Does your mum know about you being touched by this man? If she does, just tell her it brings back really bad memories so would she PLEASE stop calling you that name.?


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