Severe tooth ache for grandfather

Hi all! I am Amy. I have been living with my grandparents for the past 20 years after my parents met with an accident. My grandparents are my everything. They have done everything they could in order to make me happy and lively. It is very sad to know that our loved ones grow old with us. My grandfather is now 68 years old and have almost all sorts of old age diseases including asthma. But now the new problem that he has got is, toothache. He says he is having severe toothache, but when me and my grandmother checked, there was no presence of tooth decay. My grandmother gave him some clove oil to apply on the tooth. There was a short relief from pain. I asked him to meet a dentist, but he hesitated. He said that he will try home remedies and the pain will go. We waited for a week, but still the pain persists. I insisted him to go to a general dental services near Ottawa. I think he is having a fear about meeting the dentist. Anyways, I am planning to take him to the dentist. I can't watch him suffering from the pain. But I don't know how to convince him to meet the dentist. Moreover, is there any problem in taking dental treatment while having asthma? How can I convince him and take him to the dentist? Can anyone suggest me some ways to do so? Is there any problem in taking dental treatment at this age? Please share your thoughts.?


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