my mom sucks an understatement
im just here to vent really but shes being doing and saying awful things for years and lately its just been getting worse and worse

oldest thing in recent memory is when i hurt my foot walking home from school one day. next day i had to walk all the way to school on my foot and when i got there the office called my dad from work to take me to the doctor and get it looked at. i got home and once my mom woke up she started yelling at my dad over the phone for working on a day he wasnt meant to and then screamed at me for being "overdramatic" (she was trying to say that the only reason the teachers noticed i was hurt was becuase i was being overdramatic) and saying "if it werent for me and my dramatics" my dad wouldnt have been working all day and then when i was very audibly sobbing she yelled at me for it saying shed only ever said one mean thing to me in my entire life

nothing else recently has been a big thing directly at me, mostly just stuff ive over heard but
the next thing was when i was telling her about some issues a friend of mine was having with an awful ex. my friend and her ex met knew eachother online (they met up irl once) and when i told my mom that she just started saying things like "as someone who was emotionally abused all growing up, i dont see how you could be emotionally abused online because you can just ignore the person!!!!" and that REALLY annoyed me like holy hell its not that easy

the next time is later that day when i overheard her talking to my dad and she said "i have no sympathy for people claiming to have been bullied in school" because blah blah she was the perfect candidate for being bullied blah blah but she wasnt bullied because she didnt let the bullies bully her, so obviously in her book that means if SHE didnt let people bully her then everyone else can do the same!! Great to know my own mother has no sympathy for me. that was sarcasm.

now just today i overheard her talking to my dad again and she says things like "mentally ill people do not have?the right?to own weapons" and "people with epilepsy do not have?the right?to drive cars" and honestly i am so tired of her i am surprised i havent lost it yet and started throwing things and breaking things and screaming at her about how awful she is

during my childhood she was an extremely over protective parent and i am still to this day very afraid of getting in the littlest bit of trouble and very afraid that she can find out whatever im doing. even this forum post, i am afraid she will find. i know she wont (even if she looked at my computer since im in private browsing) but i still have that nagging fear that shell find out somehow and confront me about it

thats all i guess idk i just needed to scream about stuff

tl;dr my mom sucks

I'm sorry to hear about that. That sounds painful and no one should deal with that. I know all about overprotective parents. :) If you ever need to talk, just reply to this reply (haha, thats funny XD) Hope things get better for you. :)


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