Medical Alert System tips for Mom

I am wondering if someone could guide me buy a medical alert pendant for my aged parents to live alone. My dad has fallen a couple of times. It should ensure emergency help if need be. My husband and I are both employed and most of the time away from home. I am going crazy reading the ads on the internet. Does anyone have an opinion where to turn? Any site where unbiased review of such systems is available? With a lot at stake, I am not willing to rely blindly on folks out to make a buck. I did find a couple of good articles like this one I am sharing with you which talks about who can wear a medical alert system The innumerable ads I find on the internet leave my head spinning. My friend suggested one which can be worn around the neck. There are plenty of options which come with monthly subscriptions and phone devices also. Any recommendations? What are the certain things and features to look for?

I heard one company insisted a customer continue to pay for the entire contract even though her parent passed away.

I also heard the local hospital implimentd a very good and well respected system. Maybe check your local hospital?

I know companies try to create "review" websites which of course put their product at the top.

Consumer Reports is a good place to get reliable reviews. They don't accept any advertising and they have been around for over half a century.


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