Black sheep of the Family!

Hi guys, thanks for reading this.
So my little sister and i are about 10 years apart. She is so amazing and adorable, but she kind of ruined any sort of relationship with my dad. She is always, always getting more love than me, the way they care for her, when they barely think about me. I babysit her once or twice a week, and i have full time studying. My dad and stepmum never appreciate how much i do for her, i am always getting her little gifts, buying her stuff with the small amount of money i earn, i have taught her so many things, pick her up from school, etc. I never feel that i do enough, and everyone makes a big fuss of what she does in school that day, when i got into an amazing school and I have just got an award for my work paying off and getting me a good future and nobody cares, they honestly don't even try to give a shit. And then my dad is always saying how awful i am to his friends becuase i don't like seeing them becuase they treat me like shit! Sorry, im sorta venting but i would appreciate some help. Thanks!!

You have NOTHING to prove to anyone.? You appear to be a successful woman and if your family can't see it, that's their loss.? Your friends I gather do respect you and there's nothing wrong with calling them family.? If you didn't love your sister like you do, I'd seriously tell your family to get lost.?? However, it's never nice to avoid her simply because your family appears to be lunatics.

Maybe you should be more respectful to your dad's friends.? Maybe you shouldn't as it's hard to say if the problem is you or them.

Now, as an adult and older sister, your parents will naturally have different expectations for you and her.? Maybe, they have higher standards for you since you're older and truly that comes with the territory. ?

Have you talked to them about how you feel and perhaps come to a resolution?

Thanks Giggly Sammie, really appreciate it :)


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